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Horse Racing Betting Providers: Race Bets

RaceBets /RaceBets.com/ is one of the major providers. The international orientation of the bookmaker allows the users to access even the most unusual and regional bets. This is due to the generally large betting and to the fact that this is a bookmaker, the experts relevant to horse racing, where nothing else offers.

Betting offer

RaceBets is a platform in the most specialized degree. Since here only horse lovers are served, it may allow the provider to go into detail. This is reflected in the offer again. Almost everything has to offer what the international equestrian sport to wetware material is possible here. The clear structure and clear layout make sure that nothing is overlooked anyway.

Rates and currencies

Often complain about the poor odds bettors’ big supplier. This charge is in RaceBets not be appropriate. The odds are moving in the upscale, average range and may therefore make any comparison. Anyone who takes the trouble to browse a bit from time to time also applies to true rate hit. This would be of course any friend of equestrian sport, if such an offer were revealed. In addition, payments run commercially. The payments, even if you want money or want monetize your winnings runs on all popular media, so that the simple variant of the transfer and use of the credit card are possible.

Online Presence and Support

The online presence of RaceBets is classified as particularly commendable. The site is clear and concise, structured, what with such a great betting offer does not come naturally. The regulation of the betting order will follow nations. Click only on the navigation easy on the host country in which you want to bet.

The rest is self-explanatory addition, we offer the support of the portal noticed. The international orientation can initially suspect a service desert, but everything else is the case. Both the telephone contact, as well as the online support and assistance are in German newsletter. There is also a video portal, which facilitate the entry in the style of a tutorial and even for many bettors was a great help.


RaceBets places great emphasis on the authenticity of its customers. Anyone who registers here must therefore initially prove his identity before it is possible to place a bet. Thus, fraud and the like should be prevented. Empirically that process takes place as follows: Each competitor must friend the seller a copy of photo ID can come in and add further proof of current registration address. Then the fun betting nothing stands in the way.

Horse Racing Betting: Party combinations

At this point, an example is the win-place-show bet would be presented. This is an extremely obese betting format. The attentive reader the single bets Win, Place and Show, however, should already be familiar. In combination, the bet is then as follows. Therefore, you bet on the one that your horse wins the race.

Second, you are betting that your horse wins or is second. Third, you are betting that your horse wins, second or third will be. The whole then the win-place-show bet is. Wins the horse chose now actually, so all three bets won and they underline a maximum profit. If your horse finishes second, are at least two bets won and if it will be a third. The special charm of this combination is to minimize risk, even when the winning case is the Cheapest of course.

It quickly becomes apparent that it is often sent, clever combinations to choose. However, one should always look at the offer very carefully.

Horse racing betting with Racebets

Racebets is a comprehensive and simultaneously clear bookmaker. Both trot and gallop races can be found here that are taking place not only in Germany but also throughout the world – millions of race in the Chinese city of Hong Kong up to the German Derby, which takes place regularly in Hamburg.

Horseracing: The betting choice at Racebets

More than 500 races around the world will find every day in place Racebets and can be tracked directly to a large extent even in a qualitatively successful live stream on your screen. Furthermore, signing long-term horseracing is possible with Racebets – high rates are a matter of course. Until about a year before the race in some areas, it is possible to place bets on a race.

Racebets: Top supplier of horseracing

Racebets doing good stuff for its customers. Besides Top Events in Live Stream can also numerous special bets are placed. Thanks to the simple handling, the settlement of bets is almost a no-brainer. For questions or problems, you can always ask the friendly and thoroughly competent customer support contact.

Horse Racing Betting: choose clever combinations

It is relatively easy to gain an overview of the betting offer a bookmaker. The bets are clearly named, described the contents in detail. Actually, so everything should be no problem. It does not, if one is satisfied with simple bets. Nevertheless, often it is advisable to choose clever combinations. Here lies the opportunity to minimize their own risk. Nevertheless, this also reduces the rate.

The other way around, a combination may be used. The rate then increases the risk also. One may now ask, why at all combinations should be useful for the betting behaviour. It will be noted: The meaning is in the details. Because even though you can generally find that with risk ratios and the same thing happens, so can vary the ratio to one another, however. Naturally, the risk factor is not specifically measured; it will be perceived subjectively by the betting friend and is therefore part of the betting behaviour.

If that sounds too abstract, be helped in further runs. Actually, the entire issue is not so complicated to set should have to live with it, however successful you apart. You will also notice at this point that this article is meant as an introduction to betting combination, which explains that the one or other advanced betting friend feels at this point probably underutilized.

Simple combinations

The range of single bets at this point should now be familiar to everyone. Nevertheless, do not panic, you do not have to memorize it can stands, but it at any Bookmakers, or on any online platform, once listed in detail. Nevertheless, one should understand what is behind it. However, it is too boring quickly type only single bets. The first step would be to combine these. Suppose you have a win-place bet at odds of 3.8 and a three-way bet at odds of 12.9. On both bets, you place 10 euros used. They acquire in the first bet 38 euros and 129 euros in the second.

They thus have a considerable profit of 167 Euro. You can win, but even more so when you combine the simple bets. Instead of 10 euros on a bet, set now 20 euros on the combination. Now the odds are multiplied by the bet. The statement is 20 * 3.8 * 12.9 980.40 =. With the same bet, you now have so made a profit of 980.40 euros.

For that, you have but also maximizes their risk. For now, the odds against each other in a dependency. Lose one it is all gone!