Horse Racing Betting: Party combinations

At this point, an example is the win-place-show bet would be presented. This is an extremely obese betting format. The attentive reader the single bets Win, Place and Show, however, should already be familiar. In combination, the bet is then as follows. Therefore, you bet on the one that your horse wins the race.

Second, you are betting that your horse wins or is second. Third, you are betting that your horse wins, second or third will be. The whole then the win-place-show bet is. Wins the horse chose now actually, so all three bets won and they underline a maximum profit. If your horse finishes second, are at least two bets won and if it will be a third. The special charm of this combination is to minimize risk, even when the winning case is the Cheapest of course.

It quickly becomes apparent that it is often sent, clever combinations to choose. However, one should always look at the offer very carefully.

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