Horse Racing Betting Providers: Race Bets

RaceBets / is one of the major providers. The international orientation of the bookmaker allows the users to access even the most unusual and regional bets. This is due to the generally large betting and to the fact that this is a bookmaker, the experts relevant to horse racing, where nothing else offers.

Betting offer

RaceBets is a platform in the most specialized degree. Since here only horse lovers are served, it may allow the provider to go into detail. This is reflected in the offer again. Almost everything has to offer what the international equestrian sport to wetware material is possible here. The clear structure and clear layout make sure that nothing is overlooked anyway.

Rates and currencies

Often complain about the poor odds bettors’ big supplier. This charge is in RaceBets not be appropriate. The odds are moving in the upscale, average range and may therefore make any comparison. Anyone who takes the trouble to browse a bit from time to time also applies to true rate hit. This would be of course any friend of equestrian sport, if such an offer were revealed. In addition, payments run commercially. The payments, even if you want money or want monetize your winnings runs on all popular media, so that the simple variant of the transfer and use of the credit card are possible.

Online Presence and Support

The online presence of RaceBets is classified as particularly commendable. The site is clear and concise, structured, what with such a great betting offer does not come naturally. The regulation of the betting order will follow nations. Click only on the navigation easy on the host country in which you want to bet.

The rest is self-explanatory addition, we offer the support of the portal noticed. The international orientation can initially suspect a service desert, but everything else is the case. Both the telephone contact, as well as the online support and assistance are in German newsletter. There is also a video portal, which facilitate the entry in the style of a tutorial and even for many bettors was a great help.


RaceBets places great emphasis on the authenticity of its customers. Anyone who registers here must therefore initially prove his identity before it is possible to place a bet. Thus, fraud and the like should be prevented. Empirically that process takes place as follows: Each competitor must friend the seller a copy of photo ID can come in and add further proof of current registration address. Then the fun betting nothing stands in the way.